Fields Center | Small Business Spotlight

Last week, the Fields Center celebrated its grand opening for the second time with the mission of improving the quality of life of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). In early 2020, owner Jenn Bogin was ready to open up her business at the Roundhouse in Northampton. She had hired staff, painted the office, and started servicing clients when Covid hit.

It was then that she connected with Valley Community Development. She had to make some hard decisions about staying in the current location, staying home with her child and pivoting her business, or going back to a regular job.

Jen is an action-oriented professional and with support from the Northampton community businesses, loyal parents, and friends, she is one business success that has weathered the Covid storm and has come out on top.

The Fields Center has reopened in a new more spacious location at 881 North King Street in Northampton and is ready to set in motion all of the programs she had originally designed. She is pictured above with Tara Brewster from Greenfield Savings and Dee Dice from Valley Community Development on either side of her.