Even the best planning can’t take every emergency into consideration.

If you find yourself behind on your mortgage and struggling to pay your bills, come and talk to us. Our certified HUD counselor will review your mortgage and help you understand the terms of your loan. We will also go over your entire financial situation and work with you to explore every viable option. In most cases, we can negotiate directly with your lender for a modification or refinancing of your loan. Some situations will call for a sale of the property. If you contact us for our assistance to stop foreclosure, all your options will be evaluated and we will help you plan your next steps so you can navigate these challenges.

Reach out to us by email or call 413-586-5855 ext. 231 to get started.

Please bring in as many of these documents as possible to your first foreclosure prevention session:
  • Your loan documents for all current loans including Truth-in-lending statement, Uniform Loan Application and Good Faith Estimate
  • All documents and letters from the lender, servicer, and their attornies
  • Recent property tax, sewer and water bills
  • Recent mortgage statement (bill) and home equity statement(s) (bill)
  • All current household income info, including 2 months pay stubs, child support, social security award letter, unemployment, VA disability etc.
  • Any leases or rental agreements with tenants or boarders
  • All self-employment info
  • 2 most recent Federal tax return (if you are self-employed, please also bring 3 prior years) and all W2’s
  • All other loan docs such as auto, student and personal loan docs
  • Most recent credit and store card bills
  • Current utility bills
  • 2 most recent bank statements (personal and/or business)
  • Homeowners insurance statement

We realize this is a long list, but we may need all of them to negotiate with your lender. The sooner we have all of the above documents, the quicker we can help you attain a sustainable mortgage payment.

We will explain the process and options available to you and help you work with your lender.

Document Checklist

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