Individual Counseling

The homeownership counseling sessions focus primarily on income, debt, credit, and how best to help you achieve sustainable homeownership. We examine a variety of homeownership options including single family homes, condominiums, multi-family homes, and purchase and rehab loans. We’ll discuss a menu of mortgage products with an emphasis on subsidized mortgages and down payment and closing cost assistance for income-eligible buyers.

Email us if you have more questions or call 413.586.5855 x231 and we will be in touch!

What to bring to your appointment:
To make the most of our discussion, please bring as much of the following as possible:


  • One month of pay stubs
  • Bank statements
  • Copy of your credit report
  • Most recent year’s tax return
  • Income from child support
  • Income from Social security
  • Income from part-time employment
  • Information about any other income source


  • A recent bill for each credit card, store card or other household debt
  • Original loan documents for personal loans, car loans, and student loans (If you don’t have your original loan docs, check your account online for interest rates and student loan status.)

Document Checklist

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