Joyful Valley Coaching | Small Business Spotlight

In early 2021, Sarah Schmidt and Rachel Martins, longtime friends and colleagues, had the idea to start a life and career coaching business. Several months later, their partnership, Joyful Valley Coaching, was formed.

At Joyful Valley, trained coaches Sarah and Rachel guide clients on their path to finding their true strength and purpose. Between them, Sarah and Rachel have decades of experience providing support to people as they navigate their unique personal and professional journeys . Rachel and Sarah meet their clients where they are, providing personalized support, guidance, and encouragement so that each client can reach their personal goals.

Rachel and Sarah worked with Valley Community Development’s Small Business Consultant, Ray Rieder on formulating the business and marketing approach for Joyful Valley Coaching, and in November 2021 started accepting new clients into their practice.

To learn more about Joyful Valley, Rachel and Sarah, and the types of services and support they offer, or to schedule a free consultation to meet with one of them, please visit their website here.