Morocco meets Main Street: Meriyem’s Cafe brings flavor of Mediterranean to Northampton

For the Gazette
Published: 8/30/2023 4:59:56 PM

NORTHAMPTON — A Mediterranean breeze has swept through downtown, bringing a taste and feel of Morocco to Main Street with Meriyem’s Cafe.

Located in the storefront formerly occupied by Dobra? Tea, the Northampton eatery offers its patrons the allure and decor reminiscent of a traditional Moroccan home with an indoor garden or a courtyard, also known as a riad. For an added touch, all of the interior walls have been limewashed with actual limestone, mimicking the appearance of buildings in the western region of North Africa.

A native of Morocco, owner Raina Yetts recalls gathering outside at the riad around a sun oven to cook, eat and be together.

“I wanted that feeling here in America where people could try all of these Moroccan fusion items and Mediterranean fusion items in a gathering place rather than just having us just appear at a wedding a few times a year,” said Yetts.

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