Matt Dibrindisi | Small Business Spotlight


Last week, Matt Dibrindisi, a themed entertainment company based in Northampton, co-hosted their first in-person event at A2Z Science and Learning Toy Store in Northampton since being founded last year.

The event, Pepperoni’s Craftsy Colorween ran on the afternoons of October 28th, 30th, and 31st and featured custom coloring pages designed by owner Matt Dibrindisi and artist Dan Peeler and special character appearances by Pepperoni the Great, the company’s mascot. The event was an immense success, enjoying a moderately large turnout, including families who attended just to meet Pepperoni for the first time.

Matt Dibrindisi is a company that believes in the importance of joy, wellbeing, and accessibility to escapism for all and strives to provide joy to the world in the midst of addressing serious issues such as climate change, web accessibility, and indigenous rights.

Owner Matt Dibrindisi consulted with Dee Dice, the former Small Business Director at Valley Community Development on several projects from initial creative concept to completion before they had to be canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic precautions. Jack Clemente, a Valley Community Development consultant, has and continues to help Dibrindisi with key planning decisions and directions to keep his entertainment company progressing.

Dibrindisi’s folloing event is scheduled to be a float appearance featuring Pepperoni the Great in Florence’s annual holiday parade happening November 27th, 2021.