Affordable Homeownership Opportunity with the Amherst Community Land Trust

A graphic that says: ‘Affordable Homeownership Opportunity, in partnership with the Amherst Community Land Trust. Up to a $200,000 reduction in purchase price if you qualify and buy a home in Amherst, MA. One subsidy available. First come, first served as long as you meet eligibility criteria. Contact Donna Cabana by calling 413-586-5855 ext. 180 or email her at’ An illustration of a house is on the left and an illustration of an apartment building is on the right. Above the house it says, ‘3 BEDROOM HOUSE - PURCHASE PRICE $360,000: Monthly cost (Mortgage, taxes and insurance) - $3,056.’ Below the house it says, ‘PURCHASE HOME THROUGH THIS PROGRAM WITH AMHERST COMMUNITY LAND TRUST: Monthly cost just $1,500-$1,800.’ Above the apartment building it says, “COMPARE WITH A 3-BEDROOM APARTMENT: Average Monthly Rent: $3,000+.’

Contact Donna Cabana by email or call 413-586-5855 ext. 180 to schedule an appointment.

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$50,000 Mortgage Subsidy Loans

We have four $50,000 mortgage subsidy loans available for first-time buyers looking to purchase an Amherst home for sale.

To apply, contact Donna Cabana by email or call 413-586-5855 ext. 180 to set up an appointment. Applicants must meet income eligibility requirements.

Household Size/Income Limit

  • 1 Person………… $63,840
  • 2 Persons………. $72,960
  • 3 Persons………. $82,080
  • 4 Persons………$91,200
  • 5 Persons ……….$98,496
  • 6 Persons ……….$105,792


Please note that some programs require lead testing if children under 6 live in the household.  For more information, see this brochure.

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